Quantum Takım Sanayi (QTS) was founded in 1998 to supply tool steel and special alloys to the Turkish manufacturing industry operating in the fields of dies, tools, equipment and machinery.

Following a transparent purchasing and marketing strategy, the company obtains tool steel and special alloys specific to its product range from leading West European manufacturers. All these ISO certified manufacturers provide both steel products and technical support through QTS to Turkish customers.

All products sold by QTS are registered with its mill test certificate. QTS services its customers with a 500-to-stock of steel and special alloys in an indoor facility which covers an area of 2575 m².

Due to 9 blade sawing machines which process round, sheet, flat and block material QTS follows a fast and flexible service policy.

In 2007 the sales department of tool steel and special alloys was awarded the ISO 9000:2001 certificate.


QTS operates vacuum furnaces with up-to-date technology bearing a wide range of treatment facilities. These furnaces enable QTS to render a high quality heat treatment service to the progressing Turkish tool and die industry; our expert engineers are able to back up customers with technical assistance on the spot, such as selecting the correct tool steel quality already at the stage of design up to a consideration of the distortion of the die during the heat treatment process.

Due to the high technical level of the used furnaces and peripheral equipment QTS supplies a qualitiwise consistent level of heat treatment services to its clients. From the very beginning our heat treatment department applied a digital and pictural registration of every order received. This approach helps us to trace the life time of processed dies more scientifically and to improve applied heat treatment processes. Due to our detailed recording system our clients may obtain knowledge about the heat treatment process applied and may learn the final properties their die will have.

Heat treatment is based on mutual trust as the tool maker puts all invested workmanship up to that date in the hands of the hardening shop. From this point of view it is our responsibility to carry out entrusted works with utmost attention, delicacy and seriousness.

In 2007 our heat treatment department was also awarded the ISO 9000:2001 certificate.